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Gary Hall, Master Tattooist specializing in covering up scars, covering Vitiligo a skin pigment condition, Tattoo

Removal, and freehand custom work. Gary has performed miracles for his clients that come in with horrible scarring

or skin discoloration and Gary preforms his magic on them, when they leave them no longer have their scars but a

beautiful Tattoo. Gary also specializes in Tattoo Cover-up of old unwanted Tattoos or poorly done Tattoos, no job is

too big or too small. For your Cosmetic Tattooing needs Gary is the Artist to make you more beautiful than you

already are! He has done wonders for Women who desire to have make-up permanently tattooed. If you are seeking a

Cover up Artist/Tattooist that can fix the worse scar, old tattoo and beautify your skin check out the qualities and

credentials of Gary. Gary can be found at Ink Wizard Tattoos, Inc. in Georgia in which he is the Owner/Master

Tattooist and he runs the daily operations of Six Professional Tattoo/Piercing Studios in Georgia




Established in 1989

Ink Wizard Tattoos, Inc. was formed by husband & wife team, Gary & Cat Hall.  The Company expanded to 16 studios during the years in existance. All of our Studios are located within Georgia. Over the years our Company has grown to include Professionally Trained Artists/Piercers who are all dedicated team players.  Ink Wizard was the first Tattoo Company in Georgia to work with the State Legislatures to ensure the public the safety of our industry and initiating regulations to ensure the safety of tattooing.

Tattoos Are Like Stories ~ They're Symbolic Of The Important Moments In Your Life. 

For Someone Who Likes Tattoos, The Most Precious Thing Is Bare Skin For That Next One!


~ Good Tattoos Aren't Cheap & Cheap Tattoos Aren't Good ~


~ The Universality Of Tattooing Is A Curious Subject For Speculation ~ 


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Gary began his Career in the Field of Tattooing in 1980.

Tex Yates, was the oldest living Tattoo Artist at the time Gary met him.

Gary met Tex in a nursing home while he was visiting his Grandmother.

He took Tex under his wing and picked him up from the nursing home

several times a week and took him to his Tattoo Shop to spend time with

him.  Gary honored Tex his remaining years of life by providing him with

the new modern ways of tattooing.  Tex first started tattooing in a traveling