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Gary Hall, Master Tattooist & Scar Cover Up Specialist is available to Custom a Design to Cover Your Scars.  Scars can make you feel uncomfortable by being a constant reminder of why you have the scar, or maybe you don't like the looks of the scar.  Gary designs the cover up to hide and take away from the scar with illusions to take the focus off the scar and make it into a work of art. 

 There are some things to consider before you decide to cover your scar:

1.  Choose an Artist that is reputable and skilled in the process of scar cover up, covering a scar requires experience in that particular area, knowing the skin, type of scar, be able to discuss the medical implementations involved.

2.  Your scar must be healed.  A new scar will not accept the ink very well, so for great success with the cover-up be sure the scar has healed.

3.  Scars can be covered with tattoos that were obtained by stretch marks, tummy tuck scars, surgery scars, gun wound scars, knife scars, suicidal attempt scar,  benign birthmarks, domestic abuse scars, burn, discolored skin, vitiligo, drup related scars, breast cancer scars,  etc.  No matter how small or large the scar we can decide if this procedure will work for you with a free consultation.  


Burn Scars Before Cover Up

Entire Arm Burned Very Bad, Before Cover Up Begins

Freehand Drawing over Scars

Before Cover Up

After First Session of Scar Cover Up

After First Session

After First Session of Scar Cover Up

After First Session of Large Burn Scars Cover Up

Before Stretch Marks Scar Cover Up


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